My name is Robin TOURNADRE, and for some time now photography has been one of my biggest passions. One day I told myself  “Man! I would love to know how to take great pictures”, so I started looking around for information, on the web, books… and bought my first camera. From there I started learning, and spent more and more time shooting, to the point that I now rarely leave my place without a camera.

One other thing I love is traveling, and taking picture while doing so is really fun. I made this blog to be able, not only to share my pictures, but everything around them, the whole feeling I get when exploring.

Because you never stop learning, I’ll explain my process while shooting, from a technical as well as an artistic point of view. What’s more I’ll post some tutorials on various ways of shooting and technical topics.

Hopefully this can help you learn, too !

If you want to know more about me you can :


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